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It sounds cliché, but many a successful crew began working together by a chance meeting during high school. That kid who made the illest beats by banging on the lunchroom table or on the beatbox teaming up with the one lyricist who always stood out in the cipher. Well, the story of Charon Don and DJ Huggy began along those lines. Both graduates of Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, PA, Charon and Huggy hooked up after initially migrating from their respective crews at the time.


Charon and Huggy self-released the Mental Combustion album in September 2001 and moved a substantial amount of units. In 2002 the duo signed with Good Hands Records and appeared on the acclaimed 12” "The Beast Within" b/w "Keystone Cops," which featured The High and Mighty’s Mr. Eon and Chief Kamachi.


The duo agress that the Pittsburgh sound has yet to be truly unveiled, and the way that their sound has matured will help present their city to the world. "We intended to resurrect the DJ/MC duo thing with a classic Hip Hop album," DJ Huggy explains. "I think in the journey of that, we kind of took a more conscious route. We were trying to make a fun, classic, down-to-earth Hip Hop record, but with everything going on in the world, it kind of took a more serious route."

[ Discography ]

  • Voice of the Voiceless

    Voice of the Voiceless

    Released: 2014

    Label: Hands Down MMusic


  • Thee Official

    Thee Official

    Released: 2011

    Label: Hands Down Music

  • The Art of Life

    Art of Life

    Released: 2007

    Label: Good Hands Music

  • Mental Combustion

    Mental Combustion

    Released: 2001

    Label: None

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"Charon Don and DJ Huggy might sound like your typical
MC-producer duo, but they are far from it."

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